GPH announces the launch of a feasibility study in Gyumri

“Gyumri Project Hope” Foundation (GPH) («Հույս» Գյումրիի շենացման ծրագիր) announces the launch of a feasibility study in Gyumri to identify the best and highest impact city building projects in Gyumri for the purpose of supporting Gyumri’s urban, social, economic, human, business and industrial development over the next decade with a mission to become a beacon of hope to result in reducing and in time, eliminating net emigration from Armenia.

GPH announces a call for proposals in the framework of “Gyumri Urban Renewal and Implementation Plan for the Next Decade” social initiative. The first phase of the project will last 12 months with a goal of developing a Master Plan for urban, economic, social, human, educational, and industrial development in Gyumri. The main mission of the GPH team is to establish and develop a strong Master Plan aimed at building Gyumri over the next decade. The Project will focus on areas such as urban, economic, industrial and social sustainable development, with efforts to identify industrial, agricultural, service and human development potential in Gyumri.

GPH will identify and engage international funding agencies and philanthropic organizations who will partner with local entities, when the feasibility plan enters the implementation stage.

Request for Proposals

The Board of GPH is requesting proposals for a comprehensive research project/initiative (past and ongoing) with a focus on the following areas of targeted sustainable development in Gyumri:

The deadline for applications is October 16, 2015, 6 p.m. Applications must be submitted by e‐mail and, with “GPH Research Application” in the subject line.

Born from the Kololian Foundation’s (Toronto, Canada) initiative to research trends and reasons behind emigration from Armenia, the Depopulation Crisis of Armenia (, GPH is a not‐for‐profit development initiative focused on the improvement and sustainable development of Gyumri.  GPH is supported by a Board consisting of representatives from the

Kololian Foundation, IDeA Foundation, Armenian General Benevolent Union (AGBU) and Armenian Relief Society (ARS).

“Gyumri’s great past was significantly diminished in the resulting destruction of the 1988 earthquake.  Since then many projects have been started, many with international financial support, often with poor or negligible results.  It is time to change that,” stated Vahan Kololian, Chairman of GPH.  “Just like the rule of the old carpenter, this time we are going to measure twice and cut once,” he went on to say.

“This time, it will be the people of Gyumri who will be given the right tools with which to rebuild and attract new residents and industry to Gyumri,” stated Shant Kirmizian, Executive Director of GPH.  Shant and his wife, Hasmig, are getting established in Gyumri, having moved there recently from Yerevan.